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Thanks for stopping by our site and visiting with us, We are a family run business that believes in the old fashion way of doing things. In the day of old, families work together on the farms to produce what was needed to keep them fed. We ar proud to be following the the foot steps of our ancestors.

Here at our site you will find canned fruits and vegetables where the recipes go back for generations.

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We at Uncertain Farms are a small family owned farm that started in 1998. We have been growing on a 17 acre plot of our land in a seasonal operation and grow a wide variety of produce. We practice the organic way of farming, yet we are not certified due to cost constraints. We live the farming way of life and pass on the close relationship to the land to our friends at many farmers markets that we are members of. From our homegrown farm fresh produce, home style canned jams, jellies, salsa, pickles and more -- all produced on our farm.

Our name may be "Uncertain", but you can be certain of  the quality of our farm fresh produce and the fairness of our price.

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